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Could immediately feel the energy

I was immediately in awe of the general area. The drive to the ranch was very peaceful and serene. Upon entering the ranch gates I felt a bit of anticipation. I’ve seen the ranch on the TV and had an idea of what to expect.

Well, what I was expecting and what I experienced were very different. I was told that there are two separate energy vortex’s on the property.

When we walked the property in the area of the first vortex I, the humming in my ears seemed to get louder as we got closer. We climbed to the top of a huge granite outcropping, what I felt was the center of the vortex.

The humming in my ears was so loud that I literally had to cover my ears at one point, not from pain or noise, it was the vibration I was feeling emanating from this whole area. It was exhilarating.

When we left this area we eventually came to the area of the second vortex. At this location I didn’t feel the same physical vibrations as I did at the first vortex. I could feel something but it was at a much lower level, I would describe it as feeling more diluted than the first vortex.

The Diamond Bell Ranch is a magical place, a mystical land with many untouched natural anomalies. You really feel a sense of history and a connection to that history while visiting the ranch. – Sheila, Bellevue, WA

Manager's Response

I am so glad you enjoyed the ranch. Magical is a word every visitor uses. - David