Simply Stunning Serene

Just as we did four decades ago, many years before another small group of people stumbled onto the Diamond Belle Ranch at Walker Lake and were instantly smitten. In fact, everyone who visits here is awed by the beauty, tranquility and spirit of the place.

Maybe, just maybe, it is the elevation, sitting at 4,000 feet in the Okanogan Highlands.

Or maybe it is the pristine alpine lake situated just so perfectly in the center of a natural meadow and bowl area. It could not be more perfect.

Or maybe it is the blindingly green meadow grass that rolls up and over the Eastern rim, or the majestic ponderosa and tamarack evergreen trees spaced ever so precisely around the South, West and North sides.Everyone notices the old, almost ancient cabins of homesteaders who came here to farm, graze cattle and raise their families, We have taken care to leave them just as we found them.

And we could not take our eyes off of the towering wilderness lodge, built in the style of America's national parks, that sits discretely back from the lake. Built in 1948, it has been beguiling visitors as they sit and gaze at a landscape that inspires wonder and amazement.

At the center is our magnificent great room, with its towering fireplace, 30 foot ceilings and room for everyone in the family to relax, talk or sing along.

In addition to our ten bedrooms that can house 23 or more visitors, there are three large shared bathrooms, a large dining room and a semi-commercial kitchen fit to prepare feasts.

Every window in the lodge has a view of the lake, the mountains or meadows. Its like bringing the frontier into the home. That will draw you to our great outdoors where you can fish, row a boat, or hike the five miles around Walker Lake.

All the while you will be started by the absolute quiet that exists here like it once did everywhere. No neighbors, no roads, no traffic and only an occasionally plane flying miles above the earth.

When at the ranch you may feel a bit sorry for all those travelers high up in the air stuffed into a small aluminum tube traveling so fast, when they could visit the Belle instead to rest, relax, rejuvenate and go far slower than ever before