The History

Wauconda began at Wauconda Mine in 1898, relocated in 1900 to where the Wauconda Community Hall now sets and relocated again in 1936 to the present site at the junction of State Highway 20 and Toroda Creek Road. Rock collecting enthusiasts may visit the abandoned Sheridan Mines and discover crystallized glass-like ingots and copper/gold/iron within rock.

During the prohibition era of the 1920’s and 1930’s, an established industry of mountain stills became popular and Wauconda was known for its exceptional moonshine. Remnants of these stills can be discovered in their abandoned secret places.

The Diamond Belle Ranch, as it is known today, consists of four homesteads plus additional acreage. The segment which presently holds the lodge was homesteaded by MacKenzie brothers from Scotland. The lake was originally named “Seaforth” after the bay near Mors MacKenzie’s childhood in Scotland. it was later named “Walker Lake” derived from another family homestead which is presently a part of the ranch property. Some original homestead buildings and remnants remain upon the land.

The structure known as the Diamond Belle Lodge was constructed in 1947-48 as a dude ranch where people from the city could relax in a comfortable setting, enjoy a home cooked meal and participate in a variety of events.

The present day Diamond Belle Ranch is experienced as a true paradise, diverse and magnificent in what it has to offer.

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