An Okanogan Homestead Ranch for Sale
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Guest Comments

On my first trip to diamond Belle I turned off the main road and as I drove the final mile or so I was paying attention to the scenery and the Neighboring properties to see what I thought. As I drove along I remember distinctly the feeling of suddenly driving through an invisible veil or barrier. It was profound. My first thought was ” wow that was interesting” immediately everything was somehow nicer/clearer/different?? Actually not describable. But immensely pleasurable.

Diamond Belle has a magic to it…

On my way out I was curious if I would feel something as I passed through..what? I did. It’s more plain or ordinary out here.??

On my second trip I made the same turn and anticipated… And sure enough, whatever I sensed was there and I passed through it again. I can’t tell what it is…but my sense is there is power there! Go there.

It’s more than a retreat: Self discovery and creativity flowed.

When you enter and when you leave, you feel a change. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it’s big.

You have a jewel here. We’ll be back for the experience and the fishing.

Beautiful lake with nice strong fish! Beautiful scenery; the only noise is the sounds of the birds, geese, eagles and ducks.

Couldn’t have enjoyed my stay better in the Ritz!

Nice old lodge, what a treasure…

Amazingly beautiful! I’ll be back!

You can let your hair down here in a different way; you can’t hang on to the normal world.

Those aren’t trout, they’re steelhead!

This is not just another one of those over-touted, out of the way places; this is the real deal. Thank you Diamond Belle!

Somehow this place stays with you. It’s not just about the fishing.

What’s here is very large, and it’s tender.

This land is very peaceful; it soaks in and it’s great.


"Nature's Crown Jewel"

This land with private lake is up for adoption…. Walker Lake is 40± acres and completely surrounded by 767 deeded acres.

Sale price includes Walker Lake, lodge, timber, caretakers residence, shop, barn, several historic homesteads, Walker Creek, deep evergreen forests, aspen groves, sunny meadows, golden tamarack in the fall and 360° views.
Wildlife abounds and this is a prized fishery growing over 10 pound rainbows.

For price and information call the Managers of the ownership:
DBRV LLc, David Sweet @ 253-565-7355 or Don Linkem @ 253-848-5541