An Okanogan Homestead Ranch for Sale
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Fishing at The Diamond Belle Ranch

We are a fly-fishing, catch and release, barbless hook fishery. Chironomid, Damselflies, Mayflies, and some Caddis hatches are the most prevalent insect hatches on the lake. An abundance of fresh water shrimp and leeches provide an ideal feeding environment.

Walker Lake is spring fed, and at 4200’ the ice breaks off around mid-April, with the season opening May 1st. May fishing has proven to be exceptional as the fish erupt out of dormancy with a fierce appetite, If you enjoy spot fishing in the shallows, with the occasional outburst of surface feeding on insect hatches, then we encourage June through mid July and September, October is inviting for two reasons: the onset of cooler temperatures spurs the fish into aggressive feeding frenzies and autumn’s spectacular colors at the Diamond Belle Ranch are truly breathtaking.


"Nature's Crown Jewel"

This land with private lake is up for adoption…. Walker Lake is 40± acres and completely surrounded by 767 deeded acres.

Sale price includes Walker Lake, lodge, timber, caretakers residence, shop, barn, several historic homesteads, Walker Creek, deep evergreen forests, aspen groves, sunny meadows, golden tamarack in the fall and 360° views.
Wildlife abounds and this is a prized fishery growing over 10 pound rainbows.

For price and information call the Managers of the ownership:
DBRV LLc, David Sweet @ 253-565-7355 or Don Linkem @ 253-848-5541