An Okanogan Homestead Ranch for Sale
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The land which is known as the “Diamond Belle” is extremely diverse within itself.  With several hundred acres of open field it is magical and wondrous to view the milky way during a new moon or the Northern lights as they dance in an ever changing display of light and color.

A grand experience it is to ride horseback from a sweet fragrant valley of aspen trees to a peak where one can view miles of forever.  Entering the National Forest to the north, one could ride for days without viewing another human, experiencing a new reality, a feeling of freedom, a feeling of peace, a total merge with nature.

The greater area, where the past is always present, is a year round recreation center dotted with dozens of lakes, celebrated with a broad spectrum of events such as; Winterfest, Songbird Festival, Artists Affair, Blues Festivals, Washington State Fiddler Contest, Farmers Markets, Garlic Festival, Country Music Festival, Outhouse Race, Dog Sled Race, horse related activities and events and much more.  Having access to numerous communities allows for a cultural diversity of interests and experiences.  Canada is less than an hour drive and boasts of its wine production and first class resorts.

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"Nature's Crown Jewel"

This land with private lake is up for adoption…. Walker Lake is 40± acres and completely surrounded by 767 deeded acres.

Sale price includes Walker Lake, lodge, timber, caretakers residence, shop, barn, several historic homesteads, Walker Creek, deep evergreen forests, aspen groves, sunny meadows, golden tamarack in the fall and 360° views.
Wildlife abounds and this is a prized fishery growing over 10 pound rainbows.

For price and information call the Managers of the ownership:
DBRV LLc, David Sweet @ 253-565-7355 or Don Linkem @ 253-848-5541