An Okanogan Homestead Ranch for Sale
Booking & Reservations: 509-486-1270

One of Nature’s Crown Jewels

Adjoining miles of Okanogan National Forest, 40 acre Walker Lake whispers solitude from the middle of the 5.5 miles around, 767 acre Diamond Belle Ranch. 360 degree views, deep evergreen forests, aspens, and gentle slopes bursting with wild flowers beckon for adventure or whisper in your ear for a communion with Nature.

Nature’s Crown Jewel is up for adoption!

Who wouldn’t want to own their own private lake with a world class fishery and year round access, a quintessential 10 bedroom lodge,767 acres with homesteads to explore, panoramic views, a Rocky Mountain climate, and miles of adjoining Okanogan Nat’l Forest?

However, there’s a whole lot more than what meets the eye or goes down on paper: It’s ideal for a healing retreat—a place like very few others with energy centers to help, quiet heal, and rejuvenate. It’s clear and unmistakable; you’ll feel the power and the presence when you first step on this land. The Diamond Belle Ranch is a very special place. Come see for yourself…

The Fishing

We are a fly-fishing, catch and release, barbless hook fishery. Chironomid, Damselflies, Mayflies, and some Caddis hatches are the most prevalent insect hatches on the lake. An abundance of fresh water shrimp and leeches provide an ideal feeding environment. Click for article compliments of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine.

Gear List

Aluminum oar boats are available, or feel welcome to bring your own float tube or kick boat. You will need a 5 or 6 weight fly rod, full floating, intermediate and 10-foot sink tip lines, 5 to 7 lb. tippit and a soft net. Fishing licenses are not required: Private lake!

On the personal side, bring your own food and toiletries. You will want warm cloths for chilly evenings and a camera with telephoto lens for bird watching as the ranch is in the flyway and hosts a bald eagle’s nest.

On the peaceful side, no gas motors on the lake, no hunting, and cell phones don’t work. Please clean up and take your garbage and recycling. Thank you!


"Nature's Crown Jewel"

This land with private lake is up for adoption…. Walker Lake is 40± acres and completely surrounded by 767 deeded acres.

Sale price includes Walker Lake, lodge, timber, caretakers residence, shop, barn, several historic homesteads, Walker Creek, deep evergreen forests, aspen groves, sunny meadows, golden tamarack in the fall and 360° views.
Wildlife abounds and this is a prized fishery growing over 10 pound rainbows.

For price and information call the Managers of the ownership:
DBRV LLc, David Sweet @ 253-565-7355 or Don Linkem @ 253-848-5541